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Hi, if you're reading this page I'd like to thank you so much for considering me to review your books! The following is my review policy and I kindly ask you to respect it, thank you.

  • I read and review mostly young adult books.
  • I prefer physical copies (ARC/paperback/hardback) as I do not own an electronic reader, however I am willing to consider as I can read on my cellphone.
  • I live in Cape Town, South Africa - please consider this when considering me to review a book as I'm an international blogger.
  • When emailing me your request please include the following: book title, author, publisher, cover, synopsis and format of the book you would like to send me. Please also let me know if there is a time frame on when I must post my review if I accept.
  • I will always give my honest opinion in my review which I will post directly here on my blog as well as Goodreads. I will also post the links of my review on Twitter/Instagram.

You can contact me on:

If you're interested in seeing my previous reviews, you can go to my reviews page over here.
You can also check out the way in which I review my books over here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review policy, I look forward to hearing from you.

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