My Rating System

Books are so hard to rate because there's a number of different factors that go into it. If you're interested in wanting to know my thought process when deciding the rating of a book, the following is my attempt at breaking this down.  


Beyond a new favourite.
- I adored the characters, nothing about them bothered me. I related/connected to the characters really well.
- World-building was so intricate/unique/amazing.
- Plot was super interesting, never a dull moment, and a complete page turner.
- Romance was swoon worthy.
- Could see myself re-reading this over and over again.


Loved it.
All the factors that I take into account for a five star read, are the same for 4.5 stars. However although I loved this book a lot something prevented me from making this a favourite. These factors might be:
- Can't see myself re-reading this.
- Something about the romance or characters that I was not a fan of.
- Plot might have been a bit slow.


Really liked it.
I didn't love it to pieces but I certainly enjoyed this book a lot. 
I liked the characters, storyline etc, but I didn't adore everything. I simply just enjoyed everything in this book.


It was good.
- It was good, not great.
- Not the most enjoyable book, there were a couple things that bothered me.
- This might have had a great start but not the greatest finish. In other words my enjoyment of this book wasn't very consistent.


Mixed feelings.
- Nothing blew me away.
- There were definitely a couple things that annoyed me about this book.
- However, the bad things didn't outweigh the good things.


It was okay, not my cup of tea.
- This book was not for me, but I could see someone else enjoying this.
- Disappointing, a bit boring and dull.
- I Didn't love/like the characters.
- An average read, with maybe some redeeming qualities. Hence why its the half way point of 5 stars.


I didn't like it.
-  I don't recommend this book as I did not enjoy it at all.
- Characters were unlikeable/annoying.
- Lacked originality.


- I did not finish this book. 
- Couldn't be bothered enough to find out what happens during the rest of the story.
- Nothing about this book interested me.

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