Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #16 - My Favourite Bookstagrammers

Hosted by the lovely people over at the Broke and Bookish.
This weeks topic: Top ten bookish people aka bookstagrammers, booktubers etc.

Bookstagram is one of my favourite things as of right now, there's just something about looking at aesthetically pleasing pictures of books that make me incredibly happy. So here are some bookstagrammer recommendations to fill your Instagram feed.

Also I'm just gonna go ahead and shamelessly self-promote my bookstagram account because I'm Kristin and I like to take pictures of books, HI. *smiles awkwardly* (Click on Instagram names to go to link)

Viktoria's feed has always reminded me of Autumn, her photo's have a magical warm feel to them that makes me want to curl up in bed with a book and some hot chocolate. YUM

Sydney's feed is always full of bright colours, her pictures are always so lovely to gaze upon.

I LOVE Talia's photo's they're always so full of life, her photo's always include some wonderful part of nature. I could stare at her feed for hours on end, her feed is consistent and cool-toned which always reminds me of Winter and rain.

This book lover's photo's are always so vivid and rich in colour and can I just say I LOVE to ogle her beautiful colour coordinated bookshelves. *heart eyes*

My favourite thing about Lotte's feed is that her photo's are bright in colour but at the same time very subtle and pastel themed? I love it. 

I could stare at Alexandra's photo's for hours, in fact I actually have. Her photo's, GAH they're just so aesthetic and always colour coordinated and it satisfies my brain. 

Polly's photo's are neutral but have sporadically placed splashed of striking colours. This is my favourite type of feed if you haven't noticed. ;)

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Sarah's photo's is delicate. Her photo's are strategically placed but she some how manages to make it natural/messy looking? This is something that I've always tried and failed to do when I'm taking photo's but it never works out. Sarah how do you do it?!

A wonderful bookstagram account that shines with colour and once again has a cool tone to it and I love it as usual!

Andi's account was one of the first bookstagram accounts that I ever followed and still to this day I'm always finding myself scrolling through her feed just admiring her beautiful photo's.

What bookstagram accounts do you follow and love? Who are your favourite bookish people? 

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