Monday, 4 April 2016

March's Monthly Rewind and other Shenanigans

1. I went on holiday: School holidays started during the middle of March and my brother, my dad and I all went away on vacation to a place called Hoekwil which is in the Wilderness (not literally. It's an actual place, haha) and IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. We stayed in a little cottage that overlooked some beautiful mountains, it was the perfect reading spot. We went on an obstacle course that was placed on the top of the trees. Literally. It was pretty nerve wracking but it was a lot of fun with the adrenaline coursing through me. We went on a short walk into a forest to find this 800 year old tree which was freaking huge, I took some bookstagram pictures there as well, it felt like a fairy haven in that forest, it also reminded me a little bit of Idris in a way? I was re-reading The Mortal Instruments at the time if you couldn't tell. ;)

 2. I re-read The Mortal Instruments: I re-read my all time favourite series which also happens to be the series that got me started in reading and in turn led to me discovering the infinite world of YA. It was scary re-reading this series mostly because I was terrified that I wouldn't love the story and it's characters as much as I did before. BUT I ended up falling in love with this series all over again, which really shouldn't surprise me. Thank goodness I still love The Mortal Instruments because otherwise I would be having an identity crisis on my hands. Haha. No I'm being serious.

3. Lady Midnight arrived on my doorstep: Of course I didn't fangirl like a crazy person at all because pfft, that's just weird. #Sarcasm. I also may have hyperventilated when I found out that it contained a stamp of Cassandra Clare's signature, which I didn't expect AT ALL. Although it's technically not signed by her it's close enough for me because there are never any book signings/meet-up's or even signed copies from authors here in South Africa, so it's a given that I had a huge fangirl freakout about it. I'm currently reading Lady Midnight right now and OH MY GOSH it is so worth the wait and all of it's hype!! EEP. 

4. IT WAS MY ONE YEAR BLOGOVERSARY: *throws confetti* Unfortunately I didn't have time this month to write some long sappy post about it because I've been away and there was no internet etc. But this one year of blogging has been so much fun, I've met so many new people that are just like me! Can you believe it?! Here's to hopefully many more years to come! *hands out cupcakes* I might do a post about my blogoversary later on but don't hold me to it!

1. Lady Midnight's cover: I seriously cannot stop staring at this cover it's so beautiful. I think it's my favourite shadowhunter cover to date.

The Mortal Instruments: This should be obvious because JACE. Duh. Kidding...not really. 

Writing for that Teenage girl: I found this post during the beginning of March and it made me want to cry, but gosh it is so good. 

What have you been doing in the month of March? Have you read LM? What did you think? Have you read any of the books mentioned? Happy reading

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