Tuesday, 2 February 2016

My Thoughts on the Shadowhunter TV Series

As I'm sure most of you know The Immortal Instruments was made into a movie in 2013 but unfortunately it was a complete flop and so they didn't continue on with the rest of the books. My 14 year old self was majorly disappointed that they weren't going to be making a second movie and she silently raged at the producers, but to be honest it was a blessing in disguise because personally those movies didn't give the books any justice as to how amazing the characters are in the books.

When I heard that the director, McG (is that even his real name?), was making it into a series I was really happy about it because we were being given a second chance! *dances like a weirdo*

But even though I was super happy about this I still had extremely low expectations but I had high hopes at the same time!

I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the first episode of Shadowhunters because it definitely exceeded my expectations! BUT personally I still thought that it needed a ton of improvement but I was definitely still gonna stick it out for the next few episodes (I still am!).

Fast forward to the present where I have now watched 3 episodes of the show: *BEWARE: Spoilers from here on wards for episodes 1-3*

The Script: This is probably the weakest point of the show for me. Yes, some lines aren't all that bad but when we watch some scenes and for example the character tries to make a joke or tries to be romantic (aka. Jace teaching Clary to use the seraph blade, it was the typical cliche where the guy teaches the girl a sport move and stands behind her very close to girls body kind of thing. #CHEESY) It just turns out to be completely cliche, cheesy and cringe-worthy! I just feel like the show could of been so much better if the script was just done differently and written more originally.

Jace: Jace for me is my most loved character in the books, what can I say I'm a sucker for the bad boys ;).

I have always imagined Jace's personality as dangerously quiet, witty, the-girls-love-him, sometimes rude and also quite cocky, basically the epitome of a bad boy. Jace on the show is the exact opposite of that for me. In the TV series Jace is strangely nice to Clary and also his character is really one dimensional. If I hadn't have read the books I would be shipping Clary and Simon more then Clary and Jace. There just seems to be no chemistry between them and when there is, it's forced.

Simon: Simon is my absolute favourite character on the show, his personality is so nerdy and just so completely Simon!  

Clary: I'm still undecided about Clary on the show, I don't particularly like her but I also don't not like her. I think she's a little bit over the top at times but other then that I don't really know what else to say to her.

Izzy: I think Emeraude seems to be a really good actress but I don't like the way that the director/writer has represented Izzy as a character. In the books Izzy is known for her bad-ass personality and being fearless as well as being really pretty. But in the show Izzy is represented as being sexy and seductive more then anything else. I just feel like Izzy should be more badass.

Overall I don't hate the show but I also don't like the show. I think that there is plenty of potential but if it continues like this I don't think that viewers are going to be sticking around and that means there might not be a second season. I personally will definitely be watching all the episodes because well it's the Immortal Instruments and I really am interested in seeing how everything goes. 

Have you been watching Shadowhunters? Let me know what you think of it so far? 

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