Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #12 - Ten Series I Need To Start

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This weeks topic: Ten series I have yet to finish.

Okay so most series that I start I do generally finish quite soon after I have read the first book, so I'm just going to edit this weeks topic (because I am just such a rebel ;)) to Ten series I need to start.

1. The Remnant Chronicles

I have heard so many AMAZING things about this series, why I haven't started it yet? Well ask my wallet..it just doesn't seem to co-operate with me. *shrugs*

2. The Daughter Of Smoke And Bone trilogy

Once again I've heard so many great things about this series and I haven't started it and I feel ashamed, I NEED IT.

3. The Grisha trilogy

With Leigh Bardugo's upcoming release this month 'Six Of Crows' I definitely need to start reading it as I've heard that it's set in the same world as the Grisha trilogy was, I'm not sure if it actually contains any spoilers for the Grisha trilogy but I'd rather be all safe and sound..;)

4. The Rebel Belle trilogy

 During earlier August I binge-read the whole of Rachel's Hex Hall trilogy and LOVED IT, there was so much cute banter and humour that made you laugh out loud so many times and I JUST LOVE THOSE CHARACTERS SO FREAKING MUCH! I can only just imagine how much I would enjoy Rebel Belle!

5. The Skullduggery Pleasant series

I don't normally read a lot middle grade mostly because the writing style isn't always my cup of tea but there are a few that I have enjoyed including all Rick Riordan's books. My best friend, from Blog of a Bookaholic, has been RAVING about this series for so long that I can't even remember a time where she wasn't in love with them. She even got my brother, who is eleven years old, to start reading them, and by the way he also LOVES them!

6. The Penryn & The End Of Days trilogy

There has, like most of these series mentioned in this list today, been a crapload of hype surrounding them, which I know makes people a lot more hesitant to read a book, but personally it makes me all the more excited and mostly, always promises an excellent read. Which is why I seriously cannot wait to read this series. I think I might just binge-read it. 

 7. These Broken Stars series

I HAVE BEEN DYING TO START THIS SERIES! But I am determined to buy them in hardcover before I read them, because have you seen those AMAZING COVERS?! 

 8. His Fair Assassin trilogy

Once again I have heard amazing things about this series which makes it all the more exciting and it contains Assassins and a whole bunch of other awesome things that I cannot for the life of me remember right now because my brain is fried from doing all my schoolwork...

9. The Ruby Red Trilogy


 10. The Murder Complex trilogy

Where the death rate is higher than the birth rate?! GIMME GIMME. 

What series do you need to start? What series are on your TTT? Link me up :)

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