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Guest Post With Vlora From Reviews And Cake - The Struggles Of A Bookworm: Christmas Edition

As some of you may know a little while ago I wrote a post called 'The struggles of a bookworm: holiday edition' so when Vlora from her book blog called Reviews and cake suggested a guest post but in the form of a Christmas edition, I was ecstatic! So without further a do I am extremely happy to show you what Vlora has written for you today! P.S. Prepare for some LOL's ;)


Let me set the scene for you. It's the first of September and you're just done with work. Your fridge looked awfully empty this morning, so you decide to stop by the store to buy some groceries. You're innocently stocking up on chocolate when you see them: gingerbread houses! And right next to them: Christmas stollen. Did I travel in time? you might wonder. Did I fall asleep and wake up four months later? This is exactly what happened to me at the beginning of this month. Obviously I didn't travel in time and if I did I wouldn't tell you, because then you'd want to know my secret, but apparently Christmas time is starting earlier every year. Personally, I'm not going to get excited until at least November, BUT this whole thing made me remember Christmas is approaching fast, and you'll want to be prepared! The struggle is real for bookworms in every situation, as Kristin's Holiday Edition post has shown, so I asked her whether I could follow it up with a Christmas edition and she agreed.
Without further ado, I give you: bookworm problems – The Christmas Edition.

1.) Someone gets you a book you already have

Your friends and family know you well enough to remember you're a bookworm, yay! But... you kind of already read that one. What do you do? Tell them and see the excited spark in their eyes dim and die? Keep it to yourself and pretend you're happy? It's a lose/lose situation!

2.) Someone gets you a book you hate

Some people only remember you're a bookworm, but not what kind of books you like. They'll just get anything that looks good to THEM, but do you like it? Nope, Nein and non, merci. It might be a first world problem (as are any of these really), but it's still a problem.

3.) Someone gets you a sequel

Your hands close around the present and you can feel it - the solidity of a high quality hardcover book. You unwrap it excitedly, gasp at the beauty of the cover, turn it around to read the surely awesome blurb ...and discover it's a sequel. Do you buy the prequel yourself and read it? Say something? Exchange it? IT'S A DILEMMA.

4.) Giving other people presents

All you can think of to give someone else is books! Unfortunately, not everyone reads. Yes, I can't understand it either, but apparently such people exist. Unfortunately, you still like them, so what the hell do you get them? It's a mystery to you.

5.) You got too many books

Okay, not really. There's probably no such thing. But... books are heavy. You're not spending Christmas at home, so you have to carry them home with you, and you feel like you might just collapse from the weight. Ah well, at least you'll have a good workout. And people say you're not sporty. Lifting all those books probably means you have bigger muscles than everyone at the gym. Or a really bad backache. Who really knows.

6.) You'd like to start reading right away

There you're sitting, surrounded by all your loved ones ...and all you want to do is crack open that book. Or all of them really. They all look so good, why can't you start reading right away? How can people say it's rude; you're educating yourself. Your family will be there tomorrow. Okay, they'll leave in the morning, but breakfast is the best meal of the day anyway. They really shouldn't complain.

7.) Everyone asks you whether you've read their book yet

You understand they want to know whether you liked it, but there are so many other shiny books to read too. And things got really busy after the holidays and your dog ate the book and basically can you please just stop asking already?

Can you relate to these? Did I forget anything? What are YOUR biggest bookworm problems around Christmas? - Vlora from Reviews and Cake

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