Monday, 24 August 2015

The Life Of Having A Book Buddy That Lives Overseas

Earlier on this month my bestest friend (Kyra over at Blog Of A Bookaholic) in the whole wide world immigrated to England! And I don't miss her at all...KIDDING, of course I do. Or am I? Anyways my best friend is the person who introduced me to reading, she's who I act weird with and of course my book buddy. But what do you do once your books buddy has left?! Well you enter the denial stage of course, pfft. OBVIOUS.


The definition of the Denial Stage: In which you pretend that your book/fangirl/best buddy hasn't actually moved somewhere far far away and you then act like you're going to be seeing him/her in a few days. Warning: This stage lasts for quite a while.

So what do you do when he/she moves far far away? You obviously try to Skype each other as much as you can, you text each other excessively and of course tell them about all the wonderful books you saw or discovered that day. But there are certain struggles that come along with the life of having an overseas book buddy:

SKYPE: You call each other all the time via Skype but the only thing is that it's simply not the same, the screen is grainy and your reactions are delayed, the sound goes on and off due to the terrible internet connection. Sometimes you actually end up way to tired to call each other because it's to late on someones end because of the different time zones. 

BUT you can secretly take funny photo's or videos of them without them knowing and then proceed to bribe them with it. You can also buddy read with them over skype as well eat scrumptious food without worrying that they'll steal it! 

TEXTING: You're so excited about a book that you have just finished that you need to let he/she know right away! But because you're so excited and jumpy you cannot for the life you type properly and it ends up looking something like this: 

TWITTER: You tweet something to your best friend and then realize that you most probably shouldn't have tweeted that to the public because if they didn't think you were weird before, they definitely do now!

thg animated GIF

Even though there are a few struggles of having a best friend that lives overseas, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world because what is life without some crazy friends?? ;)

Okay so those are my struggles of having an overseas book buddy? Do you relate to any of these? Does anyone else do that text thing? I DO IT ALL THE TIME


  1. MY KRISIBOOKBUDDYWUDDY I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! This post is 100% true. Although it's nice not having to share my chocolate with you and not being injured when you fangirl too hard, I miss your stupid jokes and our bookshopping trips and our sleepovers and I JUST MISS YOU SO MUCH.

  2. I MISS YOU MORE! I shsall visit you in England one day!