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Review - The Scorpio Races by Maggie Steifvater

Title: The Scorpio Races
Series: None
Author: Maggie Steifvater
Genre: Young adult, fantasy
Published: 22 October 2011
Format: Paperback, 482 pages
Rating: 5/5 Sneakers
Source: Bought
Every year, the Scorpio Races are run on the beaches of Skarmouth. Every year, the sea washes blood from the sand. To race the savage water horses can mean death, but the danger is irresistible.When Puck enters the races to save her family, she is drawn to the mysterious Sean, the only person on the island capable of taming the beasts.
Even if they stay together, can they stay alive?A breathtaking ride that will make your heart race.

Reaction upon finishing: OMG, I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH. That ending was probably the most beautiful thing that I have ever read! *cries happy tears*

When I went into this I didn't expect anything, I had no expectations whatsoever but boy it blew me away! I didn't expect to love the characters as much as I did. The writing was yummy, everything about this writing was so intricate.

The story of this book was so unique and interesting, it didn't contain any of that young adult cliche to it, the dialogue was perfect, there was no point in the story where I was cringing because of what the characters did or said, that didn't happen in this book. 

This was a book that to be perfectly honest can be hard to get into for some people depending on how you read. I feel like people who devour a book in a day will ADORE this book and I'm saying this not to be mean but I feel like if your a fast reader you would most probably get through the boring parts a lot faster. Maybe I'm just making a generalization? I honestly don't know but I am generally a fast reader and I took longer then usual to read this book and because of that I felt like I couldn't enjoy the book to it's full potential. Does that make sense? Cause honestly I don't even know if that made sense. 

The story in this book was beautiful and it was one of those books that made you sigh - a happy sigh - countless times from being so content and happy. In this world you get these water horses called the Capaill Uisce and they eat people. They are bloodthirsty water horses. And throughout the majority of the year they live in the ocean. Now I thought that was really unique, it was something that I had never read before. 

Since I was around 13 years old I did horse riding lessons and I really enjoyed them but unfortunately I stopped a year ago because it was getting a little bit expensive and yada yada yada. Now I am not a horse expert but because I know a lot about horses and stuff, it made the book more fun to read, it gave me feelings and moments of nostalgia. Now you don't have to know a lot about horses to read this book, there isn't any confusing horse terminology that you won't understand, it's all very understandable, but yes, that's one of the reasons why I enjoyed this book quite a lot.

Sean in so many ways is very courageous and brave but also in so many ways he learns that he isn't. It was nice to see that he admired Kate/Puck's determination and he starts to learn from it. Sean was the tall, dark and handsome type I guess? I don't know, but that's how I see him. His POV was my favourite POV to read from, because he was such a mystery and it was especially interesting to get inside his mind and thoughts.

Puck also known as Kate Connolly was such a badass. She was so incredibly brave and I really admired her fierce determination and Maggie's writing really helped to show this. 

I loved the writing style of this book, I couldn't get enough of it and although this book didn't keep me up late at night till the early hours of the morning, but I felt like it provided you with a sense of calmness. It was a nice break from the typical action-packed young adult fantasy novels that we read. Although this book isn't filled with action, it's filled with anticipation and nerves that you can't get enough of.
The capaill uisce has hooked it's head around the side of the lean-to, over the fence. All that stands between us and it's strangely light grin is three boards that I nailed up myself while mum watched. Three nails, not two,..
I just love the way she writes. 
There's water in my ears, my eyes. I'm drinking the sky. 
Final Thoughts: Overall I adored this book to pieces and I can definitely see myself re-reading this in the future! I recommend this book to EVERYONE, because EVERYONE has to read this because I said so and I loved it so much. Gosh I am feeling like a hot mess of FEELS right now.

Basically every single piece of writing in this entire book! So the ENTIRE BOOK

4.5/5 Sneakers

+I loved everything about it! 
- In the middle of the book I found it to be a little bit slow.

Have you read this book? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? What did you love best about this book? Who was your favourite character?

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