Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Books I Can't Bare to Part With

I'M BACK! After a nearly hundred gazillion years I am back! My exams are nearly over and I can't wait to continue blogging, can you believe it's only been over month?! I can't it feels way longer than that, I missed you guys. *gives hugs and cupcakes* So here is my very first post after nearly a month of not blogging. XD

You know those books that have sentimental value but you just can't pinpoint why? Yeah well I do, I have several in fact, and this is me figuring out why *puts detective glasses on* (you know those sleek, black glasses they all secret agents seem to have on in movies? Yeah ,I need them because I'm weird like that.) The majority of them are mainly books that I read while I was growing up and the memories that they hold are precious to me for reasons I don't know. (My detective skills are just on the roll today ;))  *sarcasm*

Anyways here are the books that are dear to me.

Archie's Double Digest
My mom gave this to me when I was younger and since then I have re-read it about gazillion times, and I never seem to get tired of it! These books just seem to hold a certain sentimental value that I can't explain (obviously these detective glasses aren't working -___-) 

The Naughtiest Girl in the School series:
As you can see I took this photo on my bed because I'm professional like that ;)
Again, my mom passed these down to me, they're so old looking and they look like they've been used and loved throughout the years! I love me an old book *sighs dreamily*

The Book of Brownies and The Awful Joke Book:
The Book of Brownies: Same as Archie's Double Digest, I've read so many times that I don't even know. 

The Awful Joke Book: I cannot tell you enough how funny these jokes are, I laughed everytime I flipped to a random page and read a joke, and well everyone needs a joke book in their life!

What books do you have on your shelf that you just can't bare to part with? Why are they special to you? Let me know what you've been doing this past month!

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