Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Bookish/Blogging Goals For The Rest Of 2015

I was scrolling through all of the blog that I had subscribed to and I was looking through all of their past posts and I came across all their book/blogging goals for 2015, and since I have only recently started book blogging which was around the beginning of March, I thought, why not? Why don't I think of some goals that I would like to accomplish for the rest of the year. So here are some of the goals that I would like to work towards and possibly, hopefully turn them into habits this year.

1. DNF-ing Books
Although I haven't been blogging long, I have definitely noticed that I try my very hardest to not DNF a book as I feel that I have to commit to it and I feel obligated to read it. But I then came across a post by Jessica over at Ramblings On Readings and she mentioned this: 
''Life's to short and too full of wonderful books to suffer through the bad ones."
And I totally agree with this, so if I am not enjoying a book and I am sludging through it I will DNF it, yes though I will try and get through a certain amount of pages before I decide to DNF it. But this years motto for me is definitely the quote above.

2. Organize My Goodreads TBR List
When I first joined Goodreads - which was a few years ago - my tastes in books were extremely different as to what it is now. I have exactly 1626 book on my To-Be-Read list on Goodreads, and most of them are books that I have no interest in reading anymore and there is A LOT! So my goal is to get all those books tossed out of that list. As well as organizing my TBR list I would also like to sort all those books in to specific shelves because when I first joined - being the stupid person that I was - I never used any shelves until much, much, much later so it's very messy right now and I am hoping to fix that this year.

3. Read My Physical TBR Books
There are so many TBR books that are sitting on my shelves accumulating dust that have been there for over a year, and I really want to try and read all of these books.

4. Expand My Reading Comforting Zone
Over the years I have noticed that I have mostly been reading YA/NA contemporaries and many dystopians, and I really would like to start reading many different genre's, for example classics as well as historical books!

5. Schedule My Review Posts
This is definitely one of my top goals this year in terms of blogging, especially since I love the feeling of being ahead of schedule, it just feels really rewarding. I really want to make this particular goal stick!

What were/are some of your 2015 reading/blogging goals this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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