Monday, 11 May 2015

Before I Blogged #3 - My Favourite Dystopian Reads That Are Worth Re-reading

 Happy Monday guys, or not so happy Monday for some of you, but hopefully not the latter.
Today I shall be telling you about two of my favourite dystopian reads that I could visit time and time again.

1. The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu
The world-building in this book is out of this world (HA, you see what I did there?..) every time I read from Day or June's point of views in this series I found myself feeling like I was the character, I felt like I related to the character even though at times I really didn't have anything in common with them, but Marie Lu's writing seems to do that to me. All the feels that I get from this trilogy are endless, at times I would be smiling and then all of a sudden I would be crying up some ugly gut-wrenching sobs. I was sad to see this series come to an end after I had finished reading the last book, Champion.
But I can definitely see this trilogy as something that I will re-read in the near future, all just so I can feel all those emotions that this series brings out of you, it is definitely an emotional roller coaster.

2. The Darkest Minds Trilogy by Alexandra Bracken
I actually haven't finished reading this series as I haven't read the last book of this interesting trilogy, but none the less I have still found myself feeling nostalgic whenever I think about these books, which is how I found myself re-reading the first two books of this series.
The entire plot of this series has kept me intrigued and wanting to know more from the very beginning, the romance in this book gives me all those warm tingles that travel throughout my body and get the butterflies in my stomach flying. I adore the characters in this book they are phenomenal, I felt completely invested in them, and every single time something bad happened to them it made me want to ball my eyes out. But overall this series so far has been such a wonderful experience to read and definitely something that I don't regret.

What books/series, dystopian or not do you find yourself wanting to re-read over and over again, to rediscover all those wonderful emotions that they bring out in you?

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