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Random Discussion Time #5 - ShadowHunterTV

 The ShadowHunterTV rumour was going on for a while, which was a long time ago. 
But now officially it is on, they're apparently starting production in May and they are busy casting the characters.

So before the rumour of ShadowHunterTV there was The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie, and let's be honest here guys, that movie just flopped, it didn't do well in Box Office and also the adaptation from the book to the movie wasn't great. Ever since that movie flunked I've been hoping that The Mortal Instruments series would get a second chance as the series has so much potential. Fortunately we are now getting a second chance, and I am over the moon with happiness that our fandom for TMI is getting a fresh start in the movie/TV industry.

*Isn't mine, from Tumblr* Find this hilarious.

Things That I'm Hoping To See

- A Sarcastic And Funny Jace: In the movie I felt like they really downplayed his sarcastic side and the problem with that is, for me the sarcastic and witty side of Jace is the essence of him, it is what makes Jace who he is! So I am hoping that Jace's character will be witty, sarcastic as well as with the touch of sweetness added to the side. And I totally agree with Cassie on this one!

- The Incest Plot: There isn't even a choice to this, they have to do it, it is what makes Clary and Jace as a couple, it is their journey to being a couple and it is also - for people who haven't read/seen the movie - a major plot twist, which is what makes the romance part of the story so interesting.

- The World-building: World-building is essentially what makes or breaks a book/movie/TV series for me in my opinion, and because The Mortal Instruments world is so complex, it needs to be done correctly, and I am really hoping that they are going to be precise about this in the TV series.

- Characters Costumes: I know this doesn't really matter a lot in a book as I find you really make your own visual of a character whilst reading the book, but in a movie or series you are seeing the characters without having to imagine it, and this reflects on the characters personalities which is what makes it so important. I found that in the movie the costumes for the characters were weird, take Clary's character for example, from what I remember for most part of the movie Clary was wearing a hookers outfit in my opinion (yes, I know it was because they were going to Magnus' party thing) but really? How are you supposed to be all badass if you are running around in a pair of like 10 inch heels that reach up to your thighs. (I admit the 10 inch heel part was an exaggeration..)

- A Faithful Book To Movie Adaptation: This really just explains itself as the City Of Bones movie didn't have the best book to movie adaptation and look how that turned out...

Reasons Why Dominic Sherwood Is Perfect For Jace's Character

- He Looks The Part: Dominic Sherwood has that perfect smouldering, smirk type of smile, although yes, he doesn't have blonde hair, but there is such a thing called hair dye my friends..

I mean how can you not love that?! *not my picture*

- He Has Experience In YA: As most of you know Dominic played Christian Ozera in the Vampire Academy movie, therefore he has experience with fandom's and will know what us fangirl's/boy's will expect.

- Cassandra Clare Approves: All authors in general will always know their characters better then we ever will, as they made them up. So since Cassie approves I think that is a reason in itself.

He has talent.

- He Has Talent: Yes, it is nice for a character to look the part, but it is extremely important for them to be able to act well, because if they can't act, well then it sort of ruins the movie/series and it makes it cringe worthy.

What I Am Happy About

- So far they have officially cast Dominic Sherwood as Jace Wayland and I am not sure if this is correct but apparently Molly Quinn might be acting as Clary Fray?..I honestly have no idea about that. But I did see this photo on Cassandra's Twitter recently:

Also I have noticed on Twitter that a lot of people have been asking for the cast of the movie to be put in the series, and to be honest I am happy that they aren't doing that as I feel like this is all a complete fresh start and if they were the same characters as before, it wouldn't feel fresh. I read a recent article that explained this perfectly, and I totally agree with it.

- I love how McG interacts constantly with us on Twitter. 

- I am ecstatic that there is new directors and all that TV-ish stuff such as @McGsWonderland

What are you looking forward to in the ShadowHuntersTV series? Let me know in the comments.

Lots of Love 
Kristin @ Simply Bookish Things

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