Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Teaser Tuesday

Hey guys, for my teaser I shall be showing you a teaser of my current read Rebel by Amy Tintera. I am enjoying it so far, its action packed and fun. Here is my teaser, hope you like..:)

"I heard the rustle of noise behind me. A hand on my neck. Then the crack. And everything went numb.
My eyes were covered with something and I opened my mouth to yell but someone wrapped a cloth around it and tied it tightly behind my head. I tried to struggle, or reach out, but my body wouldn't move.
The sliver of light peeking in from my blindfold disappeared suddenly, and my face was pressed up against in my knees and I was being jostled against some kind of material.
I was in a bag. I couldn't breathe. I tried to suck in oxygen through my nose but it wouldn't come, and the beginnings of panic started to set in.
Everything went black." - Wren

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