Thursday, 26 March 2015

Random Discussion Time #2 - Bookish Pet Peeves

We as readers experience many lovely things when it comes to books. Like encountering that glorious feeling when you finally receive/bought a book that you have been wanting since forever..The anticipation, GAH. As well as the overload of emotions when reading a book, also know as THE FEELS.

But we all have pet peeves, and us as book lovers specifically have bookish pet peeves.
That being said, here are my top ten most bothersome and aggravating bookish pet peeves of all time:

1. Insta-love
*sighs* Insta-love is dreadful. It creates no chemistry or build-up for the characters, or anticipation and it just makes it seem so boring and mundane. Like seriously how do you fall in love instantly? I mean there is definitely Insta-lust but not love! It is simply not possible. It just makes me want to shake whoever had written the particular book containing Insta-love.
But alas since I cannot I shall settle for an angry glare:

2. Cover changes
Why?! Why do you do this to me?!
I simply loathe when I am innocently collecting a series and then..BAM, cover change!
...The covers no longer match. 
*cries hysterically*

3. Irregular book size AKA extra tall books or mass market paperbacks
This just makes me want to sigh endlessly. It just looks so uninviting.
Why can't the world just agree on one paperback size that is the same for everyone?
Please I beg of you.

I think that we can all agree that spoilers are the spawn of the devil.
I'll be innocently scrolling along my Instagram and then it just whacks me in the face taunting me...For the rest of my life.
At least warn us people, or better yet don't post them at all, you can even hide them!

5. When you lend out a book and don't get it back
Why can you not simply read them and then give them back in the lovely condition it was in?
But no, they have to take months to read them, maybe even years (probably not) and then IF they finally do return them they look like a dog's breakfast.

6. Spine breaking
Sometimes this is really just plain and simple, unavoidable. But none the less awful!
So when you display them on your shelf you see this lovely little crinkle down the middle of the spine.

7. Over usage of nicknames AKA babe, honey or sweetheart
I don't mind to much if there is a slight usage of these words in a book, but when it is over used it becomes tacky and irritating, and oh so not funny.

8. When the battery runs out of your kindle/iPad whilst reading an eBook.
Reading, reading, la dee da da, and then..nothing. It's dead, not working, nada.

9. Stickers on books that can't be removed
The worst is the "now a major motion picture"
I just want a book with no stickers. Is that so hard?

10. People that don't read books because there's movies
Me: "Hey you should really read this"
People: "Nah, I'd rather go see the movie."
Like seriously books hold so much more detail and loveliness, how can you not want that?

What are your bookish pet peeves? Leave your links/pet peeves in the comments below.

Lots of love
Kristin @ Simply Bookish Things

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