Review Policy/Contact Me

If you are considering me to review your book please read the following

The Genres I Read: Young adult & Middle grade
- Sci-Fi
- Historical
- Romance
- Contemporary
- Dystopian
- Fantasy
- (Basically most genre's in YA & MG)

Formats I accept:
- Physical copies (This includes ARC/hardcover/paperback)
- Digital copies (epub or mobi)

What My Reviews Include:
- A completely honest review
- My reviews will include the title, series (if it's in a series or not), the author, genre, When it was published and who it was published by, the format, the summary/blurb and lastly the rating.
- You can see my past reviews over here.
- You can also see how my rating system works over here.

Things To Remember
- If the book is an ARC I will read it and post a review before the release date.
- I won't always be able to read your book straight away, but as I said let me know if there is a time frame.
- There is no guarantee that I will be accepting your review request.
- If you are interested in sending me a physical copy of a book, please note that I am an international blogger and live in South Africa.
- I will always give an honest review.
- I do post my reviews on Goodreads as well as this site and others.

How Shall I contact you? Please contact me via my email which is:

Besides Reviews I Am Also Interested In
- Author interviews: I will have had to have read the book first and see if I am interested in it.
- Blog tours: I will have to be interested in the book.
- Guest blogging: only if the topic is relevant to my site, as well as if the topic interests me.
- Giveaways: only if I have read and am interested in the book or a book that I am anticipating.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review policy, I look forward to hearing from you.

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