About Me

Hi guys,
My name is Kristin. I'm a 17 year old girl that was born and presently lives in South Africa, Cape Town. I've grown up over here for most of my life except for when I moved to Dubai, U.A.E, and lived there for seven years. Otherwise, South Africa is the place that I call home.

One of my favorite pastimes is lying down in my bed, cuddling up with plenty of pillows, and reading books with a cup of chai latte and some honey. This is probably one of the main reasons why winter is my favorite season, because you can't cozy up under comfy, warm blankets, with fluffy pillows, in summer. I mean you could, but lets face it, you'd end up passing out from the sweltering heat and the added warmth from all the blankets. Not to mention the hot chai latte.

I originally started this blog - previously named 'Simply Bookish Things' - to share my love for reading. However, over time this has changed, and I renamed my blog to 'Flickering Lights' so that I could expand on the content that I posted on my blog, and I thought that this new name reflected me better than the other because it represented my dreams of one day moving to a big city with 'flickering lights.' - typical, I know, but who even cares? Of course, I still love posting about all thinks bookish, however, I now also post about things that I also enjoy writing about, mainly life things, the occasional beauty topic, and sometimes a sprinkle of fashion.

I hope to see you more and more on my blog so we can become blogging buddies. I promise I'm a good one. ;)

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