Monday, 13 July 2015

I'm A Book Snob

Hi I'm Kristin and I am a book snob.
I think most of you book lovers may be able to relate when I say that sometimes when a book that you've read becomes a new favourite you want to have a copy of your own that can sit on your beloved bookshelf, which seems to grow bigger as the days pass by, which isn't a bad thing, in fact I love it. But sometimes when I want or do certain things I feel like quite a book snob.

Specifically Hardbacks.

They're just so beautiful. So beautiful in fact that I sometimes wish that all of my books were hardbacks, but there not. The other day I spotted A Court of Thorns and Roses sitting at my local bookstore in paperback, and even though I don't normally buy hardbacks as they are a lot more expensive then paperbacks but I had a gift voucher so I though 'what the hell' I want a hardback. So I went to the till at the bookstore, showed them ACOTAR and asked if they had it in hardcover, the person at the till sort of looked at me like I was some stupid kid and very snappily said 'NO' an in that moment as stupid as it is, I felt like a snob. I wanted flail at her and say 'YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE A BOOK LOVER, OKAY' but of course I didn't do that because well that would look weird since I was in public. 

As much as I love hardbacks, I ironically enough only have about 5 of them out of the 120 books that I own. Why? Because they are so freaking expensive, especially when you live in South Africa as they don't normally import them, and to order them online is even more expensive because of the exchange rate. And therefore it's quite irritating to be a book snob when hardbacks are expensive as they are, but one day when I'm rich and famous I'll own all the hardbacks in the world, mwahaha. *evil cackle*

Thanks for listening to this incredibly random post of mine. What things do you do that make you a book snob? Do you generally have more hardbacks then paperbacks? Which do you prefer? Hardbacks or paperbacks?

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